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Dare to dress up

CAR2IE celebrates the joy of dressing up.

Bringing together feminine design details, graphic elements and traditional tailoring with a twist, CAR2IE rouses the fashion forward from a style slumber and sparks renewed passion for the sincere and striking glamour of a bygone age.


Distinctive prints and avant-garde silhouettes meet fine fabrics and delicate details in collections that empower wearers to mix, match and experiment with their look. Textured, feminine and versatile, every CAR2IE design can be styled to reflect different seasons and occasions, and the powerful personalities of the people who wear them.



Designer Carrie Kwok’s accomplishments have spanned every strata of the fashion industry—culminating in the launch of her namesake label, CAR2IE, in 2016. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Knitwear Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University before working as a fashion reporter and completing a Master’s degree in Womenswear Fashion at Middlesex University, London.

Interning with Irish designer Simone Rocha, Carrie continued to shape her international fashion vision. Inspired by her philosophy that nothing is flawless and everyone is unique, she brings together different style cultures to create her distinctly glamourous clothing designs. In 2017, Carrie was selected as a winner of the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out.