Dare to dress up

CAR2IE celebrates the joy of dressing up.

Bringing together feminine design details, graphic elements and traditional tailoring with a twist, CAR2IE rouses the fashion forward from a style slumber and sparks renewed passion for the sincere and striking glamour of a bygone age.


Distinctive prints and avant-garde silhouettes meet fine fabrics and delicate details in collections that empower wearers to mix, match and experiment with their look. Textured, feminine and versatile, every CAR2IE design can be styled to reflect different seasons and occasions, and the powerful personalities of the people who wear them.





Designer Carrie Kwok’s accomplishments have spanned every strata of the fashion industry—culminating in the launch of her namesake label, CAR2IE, in 2016. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Knitwear Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University before working as a fashion reporter and completing a Master’s degree in Womenswear Fashion at Middlesex University, London.

Interning with Irish designer Simone Rocha, Carrie continued to shape her international fashion vision. Inspired by her philosophy that nothing is flawless and everyone is unique, she brings together different style cultures to create her distinctly glamourous clothing designs. In 2017, Carrie was selected as a winner of the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out.



CAR2IE 的設計,以歌頌時尚造型的無限趣味為宗旨。


CAR2IE 巧妙地融合了女性化的設計細節、圖案元素,及經重新演繹的傳統剪裁,把沉悶風格瞬間激活成新時尚,並重新燃起人們對昔日華麗時代的熱情仰慕。


以獨特的印花圖案與前衛的線條,配合上乘用料與精緻細節,創造出來的每件作品,均可供穿戴者混合襯托與試驗各種風格。 CAR2IE 的設計具有獨特質感,兼具女性化特質和多功能的優點,可因應季節與場合需要而互相配搭,以凸顯穿著者的強烈個性。





設計師Carrie Kwok曾涉獵時尚界各個範疇的工作,累積了寶貴的經驗後,最終於2016年推出了自家同名品牌CAR2IE。她畢業於香港理工大學針織設計學士學位,其後成為時裝記者,及於倫敦Middlesex University 完成了女裝時裝設計碩士學位。

留英期間,Carrie曾到愛爾蘭設計師Simone Rocha的工作室實習,從而繼續塑造自己的國際時尚視野。 她認為世事沒有完美無缺,但每個人都散發著獨一無二的美。憑著這理念,她將不同的風格與文化融會貫通,創作出華美奪目的服飾。Carrie更於2017年成為連卡佛「創意集結號」的優勝者之一。

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